Monday, October 18, 2010

WS Cyclocross Team - Season Opener

After months of anticipation, a leaner and meaner Wrench Science Cyclocross Team has hit the trails for this fall/winter’s race calendar. We are all tricked out and rolling atop the stealthy black Ibis Hakalugi’s. The 2011 “Black Lung” frames to be precise. Thanks again Ibis!

We’ve got both Sram and Campy drive trains, Edge/Enve carbon forks, Paul Brakes, and custom built tubular wheels featuring Chris King hubs and the silky Challenge Grifo tires. In the end, our bikes are tough as nails and still weighing-in around 16 pounds. We’ve been pretty excited and feel as if we have achieved these weights without even trying. That said, we are Wrench Science...

Our Machines

Once again, in 2010 our team’s main focus will be the Bay Area Super Prestige series. This is the premier race series here in Northern California where the cyclocross scene is becoming bigger and more competitive every year.

In fact, as residents of “sunny California” and more specifically the San Francisco/Bay Area, the only complaint we have about our cyclocross racing is that the weather is too nice. Seriously, those racers up in Portland have all the fun in their mud and muck while we often race in Indian Summer like conditions. However—yesterday’s race was a welcomed exception...

It rained. And we got dirty.

The Leaders of our CX team, are also the operations team at WS...

Ken Dick
& Mitch Trux

It was a fun race to start off the season. The conditions and technical course led to a plague of equipment failures and flattened tires, but our team managed not to have any mishaps. Our scene was dialed and we all scored decent results. As we roll into the season, we'll expect improvements in out fitness to come just in time to go for some solid standings in the series' final omnium standings. In case you didn't know it, we're tough...

Just a few minutes before his Men's A start time Wrench Science teammate Stephen Dey had a mishap in his warm up...

...and raced anyway.

According to Steve "it was easy enough to temporarily stop the bleeding with the mud from my front tire." Too bad for his brand new pair of WS socks! He went to the hospital an hour after the race for some stitches. :)

It should be a fantastic season of racing.