Thursday, April 30, 2009

po po

My buddy Nixy sent me this email and I couldn't help but post it.

Yestereday I got pulled over on my MTB by a Helicopter cop. The chopper
acually put it's sirens on and landed the heli to write me a ticket.

Just wanted to pass on my story and warn all the MTB heads that the
heli po po are cracking down on MTB riding via the air.

We need more single track, and if you ever hear about any
organizations for MTB riding please pass on the info.

Glad he had time to get his phone out for a picture before the swat jumped out of the copter and gunned him down.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ventana bolster range with new 69er

Ventana add a new 69er hardtail to the lineup called 'El Chivo'.
Photo ©: James Huang
(Click for larger image)

Ventana will add a stout-looking new 69er hardtail frame dubbed 'El Chivo' to their range for 2010.

The new frame features a number of Ventana trademarks such as a wraparound gusset at the head tube, looped chain- and seat stay yoke construction, a buttressed extended seat tube, and characteristically clean and even weld beads.

CNC-machined dropouts adorn the rear end and the rear brake caliper is neatly tucked in between the stays for a clean look.

alittle help from my friends????? for this years alley cat?

Rad-Massaker Alleycat
German for bike massacre !
is this years east bay alley cat race
all $$$$ collected after costs go directly to cycles of change
If you know a Company that would like to Sponsor this event please feel free to forward this head letter.
All bikes are welcome too.
Thanks Blake von Knopka

The 2009 Rad-Massaker Alleycat is a bicycle race being held on June
14th to raise money for Cycles of Change (, a
non-profit dedicated to brining cycling to low income areas of the Bay

Following on the success of the 2006 & 08 Oakland Scrape Alleycat Races
(, which raised over $3000 for
the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association's Broken Bones Fund, we
have decided to put together another race, because a. Cycles of Change
a worthy charity doing great things for the community, and b. last
year's race of off the hook!

The Rad-Massaker is an “Alleycat” style race in which participants are
given a list of checkpoints spread across the city at the start and
must determine the best route on their own as opposed to following a
set course. Originated by bike messengers in the 1980's, alleycats are
meant to simulate the types of daily challenges they faced on the job.

This year we are seeking sponsors from the cycling community and
beyond for donations of either cash, to cover our costs, or product to
be given out as awards at the end of the race. All sponsors will have
thier names prominatley featured on a poster which will be placed at
bike shops all around the Bay Area. If you provide one, we are also
happy to hang a sponsor's banner at the finish area after-party as we
did last year.
There's a good chance we will produce a limited t-shirt with sponsors on back!
Location of this years race is under wraps as is the finish.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please give me a call at
510-812-5696 or send an email to

We will be happy to pick up product directly from you, or you can send
by mail to:

Wrench Science, Inc.
Attn. Blake Von Knopka
1022 Murray Street
Berkeley, CA 94710


Blake VonKnopka and Co.

Video of last years race by All Out Productions: years poster:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Race On! Go LiveStrong!!!

Armstrong: 'Shower-gate' case closed

Lance Armstrong
Photo ©: AFP
(Click for larger image)

The French anti-doping agency AFLD has confirmed that it will not seek disciplinary action against seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong for a March anti-doping control incident.

The AFLD said Friday that it has "decided to take into consideration the athlete's written explanations and, in consequence, not to open a disciplinary procedure against him." It also confirmed that no abnormalities were detected in the urine and blood samples taken during the control.

Armstrong's Astana team spokesman Philippe Maertens confirmed to Cyclingnews that the AFLD met Thursday, and said "the disciplinary commission checked the evidence and explanation from both Lance and the tester and decided not to take the matter further."

The AFLD complained earlier this month that Armstrong left the presence of its doping control officer in order to take a shower. Armstrong, responding to the allegations, claimed he was given permission to leave.

Posting on his Twitter account on Friday, Armstrong wrote, "the word from the French agency AFLD on the shower gate incident. Case closed, no penalty, all samples clean. Onward."

The agency could have pursued a suspension of Armstrong for violating the World Anti-doping Agency's International Standard of Testing Article 5.4.1, which states that the person being subjected to an anti-doping control must remain within the sight of the doping control officer from the time of notification until the sample is collected.

Armstrong said he expected the AFLD's "antics" to prevent him from racing in this year's Tour de France. With the case closed, he will be free to attempt an eighth career victory in the Tour.

Armstrong is currently training in Aspen, Colorado, in preparation for his first attempt at the Giro d'Italia next month. He is recovering from a fractured collarbone that he sustained in the first stage of the Vuelta a Castilla y Léon.

Join the discussion about 'shower-gate' on the Cyclingnews forum here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Peter Togasaki Remembrance Tomorrow 4.25.09

To Peter's Family and Friends,

We are looking forward to spending the day with you tomorrow for Peter's Remembrance Party. The response so far has been amazing and we want to thank everyone for their warmth and love. A quick note for those of you joining us tomorrow who have never been to the Togasaki home:

We are planning to tie 2 balloons to the light in the driveway on Saturday to make the house easier to find. If the driveway is full, make a right onto Moore Drive before you pass the house and park on either side of the street. Feel free to call the landline below if you need directions or have trouble parking (although you may have to drive back towards Mountain Blvd. for cell phone reception). If you have any questions before then, feel free to e-mail us.

We hope to see you tomorrow.

With love,
Steve, Sally, Jessica, and Alekist

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look Trade Up Program

Introducing the Look 585 Trade up program!!!

Trade in your old frame for a $500 credit on the purchase of any new Look 2009
585 Frame. For more information please contact Avi Byer at 1-866-497-3624 ext 210. Or via email at

Superman was wounded once...ONCE!

Armstrong honoured with memorial in Spain

Armstrong honoured in Spain
Photo ©: AFP
(Click for larger image)

Lance Armstrong was honoured with a memorial erected by inhabitants of Antigüedad, Spain, at the roadside spot where he fractured his collarbone during first stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a Castilla y León. The small village - population 385 - found an old, blue racing bike and cast its rear wheel into concrete with a plaque that reads "La clavicula de Armstrong" - Armstrong's collarbone.

"It was clear that we weren't going to put a new bike there and had to get one that wasn't used anymore," said David Cancho, one of the youngsters that put the memorial into place.

Cancho is part of a non-profit association commemorating a historical event, the transfer of Philip I of Castile's body from Burgos to Granada in 1507. During the trip leading through Antigüedad, a soldier fractured his wrist in the hamlet. A memorial cross was erected to honour the soldier, and this sparked the idea to create yet another monument.

"It was during one of our association meetings," Cancho told AS. "We talked about doing something to on Armstrong's accident, and someone remembered this other story. That's how the idea took shape, always with humour and no bad intentions." (HK)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hamilton Not Done Yet

Hamilton: Cycling's not done with me yet

By Kirsten Robbins

Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing) enjoys
Photo ©: Jon Devich
(Click for larger image)

Tyler Hamilton announced his retirement from professional cycling on Friday, April 17, following an admission to a second positive doping test, which will likely see him effectively banned for life. The reigning US National Champion ends a career which spanned nearly 20 years, during which he climbed atop sport's loftiest podiums before experiencing its lowest lows.

When asked what the future holds, Hamilton said, "I'll take some down time and make sure I'm OK, and then move forward from there. It's a beautiful sport. Cycling's not done with me yet."

After six years of domestique duty with the US Postal Service team, Hamilton left to forge a successful career with Bjarne Riis' CSC team in 2001. During his time with Riis, Hamilton scored high profile victories in the Giro d'Italia, with a stage win and second place overall in 2002. In 2003, he took victory in Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the overall win at Tour de Romandie and a stage in the Tour de France.

In 2004, after making a move to the new Phonak squad, he took gold in the Olympic Games time trial in Athens. However, the following month he tested positive for a homologous blood transfusion. After a lengthy battle, he served a two-year suspension before returning to race in 2007.

Hamilton returned from his suspension in September, 2006. He quickly signed with the Tinkoff Credit Systems team, but was let go from the squad after his name came up in association with the Operación Puerto case. Hamilton was nearly resigned to retirement until Rock Racing's Michael Ball gave him the chance to compete for the American team.

"Michael pulled me out of retirement back them," Hamilton said. "But, I think now is a good time to step away and focus on my issues with depression and my family issues. I need to move forward to the next part of my life the next chapter and I will have many great memories."

His latest doping positive comes after a February 9 out-of-competition control performed by USADA while Hamilton was at his Rock Racing team camp in California. He tested positive for a banned steroid (DHEA). Hamilton decided to make the announcement on Friday.

"I woke up knowing that I'd be talking to a few people to make it official and it really hit home and I am really sad," Hamilton told Cyclingnews. "All careers have to come to an end. I didn't want it to end like this but life throws curve balls and I'm trying to see the reason why this has happened."

Coming up on

Cyclingnews will cover Amstel Gold live on April 19 at 11:30 local Europe time (CEST)/ 20:30 Australian time (CDT)/ 5:30 (USA East)

WAP-enabled mobile devices:

"It's been an incredible ride," Hamilton said of his career. "Cycling gave me an amazing opportunity to be a part of it all. I met so many great people and saw beautiful places. I've had my share of ups and down. It was a bit of a roller coaster but I've always tried to be humble respectful of others. This sport has given me a lot and I'm greatly appreciative of that. I will give back to it because I feel like I owe this sport something."

According to Hamilton, he came close to retirement on several occasions in the last few years, most recently after his victory at the US Pro Championships held in Greenville, South Carolina last September. "After winning that race, such as tight race, I thought maybe that was a good time to step away. I tried to retire a couple of times but, I didn't," he said. "Bike racing was just starting to go good for me in the second part of the year. I started being part of the race and I enjoyed that. It is so hard to hang up the wheels in this sport."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Remember your bike builder, Peter Togasaki

To Peter's Family and Friends,

We would like to extend an invitation to join us on Saturday, April 25th, between 12 Noon and 8 pm, for an Open House in our home at 6917 (Plsease contact Wrench Science for details.) It will be an informal (both in structure and dress) chance for us all to see each other and remember our beloved Peter. We're certain it has been a long year for all of us since we lost Peter last April 29th, 2008. We've all had to negotiate a new world without his presence while trying to incorporate his spirit and joie de vivre into our lives. It has been a year of "triggers" that brought back memories of Peter and moments we shared with him; memories that brought both smiles and tears.

Peter loved his family and friends with a passion, spending every free moment he could with them. It seems fitting that we have a chance to see one another to celebrate his life. An "Open House" means we won't have any formal structure or's a drop by when you can for as long as you wish, an hour or all day. If your schedule is such that you can only make it in the morning, or later in the evening, then please come by when you can. We'd like to see you all. Also, please forward this invitation to anyone we might have missed. We'll have some of Peter's favorite foods prepared just as he liked them. You're welcome to bring treats if you feel so moved. Feel free to BYOB. Children are welcome...Peter loved kids. If the day is warm and dry, the new backyard patio (built by the incredible combined efforts of many of you) will be open. There will be cigar and pipe smoking for those so inclined, weather permitting.

So we hope to see all of you Saturday, April 25th. Bring your good spirits, memories of Pete, and join us.

What: Peter's Remembrance Party
Where: (Please contact Wrench Science)
When: Saturday, April 25th, 12 - 8 pm
Home phone (land line): 510-841-4748
No Cell Phone Service
Lots of Parking (in the driveway or on the corner of Moore and Shepherd Canyon Rd)

With love,

Steve, Sally, Jessica, and Alekist

Where did all the Niners go?!

Niners have been flying off the shelves for a while now. It has not been uncommon for the RIP 9, Jet 9 and Air 9 to be sold out. But this spring, they are moving faster and more frequently then ever before! The only model currently available might be the Jet 9. I say might because even those are thinning out, certain colors in certain sizes, such as the Vanna White Large or Medium.
Right now, and perhaps throughout these more temperate months of 2009, the best way to get a Niner is to place one on backorder. This will ensure your earliest possible delivery, as all orders are filled in the order that they're received. I am expecting the RIP 9 and possibly other models to be possibly sold out perpetually, as each production run is sold out. Right now we are looking to June or July for the next run to come available to ship. That being said, Niner did surprise us with early arrivals of all the backordered framesets for Wrench Science customers, beating their worst ETA's by 4-6 weeks! Pedal Damn it!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Showering Banned in France!

Lance Armstrong has been caught taking a shower. Not just any shower, but a whole 20 minute long shower! Such behavior, having never been successfully introduced in France, has created a wave of shock and jealosy throughout the French nation. The French anti doping agency, AFLD, is now in the process of banning the rider from racing on French soil, for obviously being too clean.

Next thing you know, hair cuts and shaving will be on the list of banned substances, along with napkins and cutlery. Please list more jokes, in the comments box, below.

Armstrong on the AFLD: We’ll see even more antics

Lance Armstrong said Friday that French anti-doping authorities have been working to prevent him from racing in this year’s Tour de France.

Armstrong, who says he has submitted to 24 drug tests since his return to professional racing in September, said the French anti-doping body (AFLD) appears poised to keep him from riding the race he won seven times between 1999 and 2005.

The AFLD announced on Thursday that it was pursuing disciplinary action against the 37-year-old Armstrong for violating the rules governing out-of-competition testing. Armstrong, in a video message released Friday, said that the charges are baseless and reflective of the agency’s broader agenda.

“I suspect this will escalate, and we’ll see even more antics out of the AFLD in the near future,” Armstrong said. “And there’s a very high likelihood that they’d prohibit me from riding in the Tour. And that’s too bad, the Tour is something that I love dearly, something I wanted to ride in, something I wanted to be competitive in, either go for a victory or help Alberto (Contador) get a victory, or help Levi (Leipheimer) get a victory.”

The AFLD's dispute with Armstrong relates to an out-of-competition test on March 17, when the Astana rider refused to allow an AFLD testing officer into his home until his identity was verified. Applicable doping protocols require that an athlete remain in the presence of a tester until samples are provided. Armstrong, however, left to take a shower while team manager Johan Bruyneel verified the tester’s identity with the UCI.

Armstrong said he had reason to be skeptical when he found the testing official waiting at his home.

“A few weeks back, before the crash, I came back from training to a home I was staying at in southern France,” he recalled. “There was a man standing there who said ‘I came to drug test you, and I need your blood, your urine and your hair.’ And I thought it was odd in that he was alone, he’d been waiting outside the house.


“In 20 years of doing this I’d never seen a drug tester come alone,” he noted. “Normally they are always accompanied by somebody as a witness, or another source. He was alone, and it seemed suspicious, and of course we were in France, so you never know what kind of situation you might get into there.”

The AFLD raised objections to Armstrong’s decision to leave the official before confirming his identity, although Armstrong says no objections were raised at the time.

“When it came time to finish the control and he filled out the report and said there’s a space in the papers where he can sign whether or not anything was abnormal, if he had any comments or anything he wanted to remark, his remarks were no, nothing was abnormal,” Armstrong asserted.
The AFLD case could result in Armstrong being barred from the Tour, an event he sees as a key element of his return to the sport.

“The comeback has been important to me for two main reasons,” Armstrong said. “Obviously I have a passion for cycling, still, but more importantly I have a passion for the global fight against cancer. It started in Australia, it went to California, it went to Mexico, I’m taking it to Italy, and certainly we wanted to tell that story in France. But if we can’t do that, we can’t do that, and that’s really their call. It’s their event, their country and their rules, so we have to play by those.”

Armstrong said that he is recovering from a broken collarbone suffered last month in the opening stage of Spain’s Vuelta a Castilla y León. He underwent surgery two days after the accident and said that he expects to recover in time for the Giro d’Italia, which begins on May 9.

“Everything seems to be good,” he said. “Stitches are gone and the scar has healed nicely. The actual collarbone and plate feel solid. I go out on the bike and ride, just like I did before. I don’t want to fall on it again right now, but I think it’s pretty solid, and I think it’s going to be fine for the Tour of Italy.”

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Have you seen these bikes?

Nashville bike shop robbed

Nashville bike shop Gran Fondo was targeted by thieves who stole up to US$50,000 of premium inventory.

The shop, owned by Vida and Lynn Greer, parents of TIBCO rider Katharine Carroll, is now missing nine bikes, although thieves left the cash drawer untouched and didn't vandalise the premises.

The couple is now working with Metro Nashville detectives and State Farm to recover the inventory, and have released a list of the stolen stock to warn potential online auction buyers who may see it posted for sale.

Items stolen include:

*Pinarello FP6 – Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed, size 55, White, black, red, White Talon bar/stem, White Most Saddle and seatpost, Campy Eurus 2 way fit wheels
*Specialized Tarmac Expert Riva – Size 56, Black/Red, Ultegra SL, Ultegra wheels
*SW Roubaix SL – Ultegra SL, size 54, Blue/White, Ultegra SL, Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels, FSA stem, bar, Fizik Pave saddle, Spec seatpost
*Specialized Roubaix SL – SRAM Red, size 56 Black, Red/Force Mix, Roval Roubaix 350 wheels
*Specialized Tarmac SL – SRAM Force/Red Mix, size 54, White, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels
*Orbea Ordu Rival – Size 51, Black/Red, SRAM Rival, Zipp 404's, Vittoria tires, Profile T2 Aero Bars, RC Stem
*Orbea Opal – Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed, Size 57, Black/Red/White, Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels, Selle Italia Flight Saddle, Zeus carbon post
*Orbea ORCA – Sammy Sánchez White & Gold, size 51, Campagnolo Super record, Zipp 202 wheels, Zeus carbon bar, stem, post, Vredistein tubulars
*Lynskey Helix – Campagnolo Centaur, Fulcrum 3 wheels, Fulcrum R3's, FSA stem, Wing Pro Compact Bar, Lynskey Ti post