Thursday, April 23, 2009

Superman was wounded once...ONCE!

Armstrong honoured with memorial in Spain

Armstrong honoured in Spain
Photo ©: AFP
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Lance Armstrong was honoured with a memorial erected by inhabitants of Antigüedad, Spain, at the roadside spot where he fractured his collarbone during first stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a Castilla y León. The small village - population 385 - found an old, blue racing bike and cast its rear wheel into concrete with a plaque that reads "La clavicula de Armstrong" - Armstrong's collarbone.

"It was clear that we weren't going to put a new bike there and had to get one that wasn't used anymore," said David Cancho, one of the youngsters that put the memorial into place.

Cancho is part of a non-profit association commemorating a historical event, the transfer of Philip I of Castile's body from Burgos to Granada in 1507. During the trip leading through Antigüedad, a soldier fractured his wrist in the hamlet. A memorial cross was erected to honour the soldier, and this sparked the idea to create yet another monument.

"It was during one of our association meetings," Cancho told AS. "We talked about doing something to on Armstrong's accident, and someone remembered this other story. That's how the idea took shape, always with humour and no bad intentions." (HK)

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