Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finding Wrench Science

Many of our customers like to drop by the shop to check out a new build, to get a bike fit, or just to take a look around. Because Wrench Science is located in an industrial sector of South Berkeley, finding the shop can be a little tricky.

The image above shows the location of the shop in relation to the I-80/I-580 at Ashby Avenue. We are located inside of a gated parking lot, and the image below gives you a look at where the gates are located and where to head once you have made it past the gates.

You can follow these links to open the Google Street View of the North Gate or the South Gate so you know where to turn when you get here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Screamer Spyder

I've had this sitting on my desktop for months now. I can't seem to throw it away. It's from a Sears christmas catalog from the 70's. Every bike in here has something special. The deluxe model, has the sweet "butterfly" curved handlebars, dual rear brakes, and front/rear suspension. You would be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I also like that there is a parking brake next to the gear shifter. I supposed to make sweet witch whistles on the local hill.

The Green bike, which is the most normal, still runs a high sissy bar and oversized front wheel. This is the bike I would have probably ended up with, but it would have been used.

The Red bike, with production steering wheel is out of hand. It actually has some clean lines. I want it one. I'm trying to imagine the first kid who decided to hit his local jump. If there wasn't a lawsuit involving this bike I would be surprised.

Or you could double your sweetheart with the padded sissy bar on the blue bike with the upgraded shifter.

All of these bikes are cool, quirky and potentially dangerous. I'm sure they will be saying the same thing about some of the more current bikes in 30 years. Trek Y bike comes to mind.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Gentleman's Bet

Avi Byer, one of our oldest employees, nailed the Tour Of California bet for which bike would win. Michael Rodgers of Team Highroad Columbia rode his Scott Addict to an overall win. Rolling in behind teammate Mark Cavendish (first place) on Stage 1 to take 11th place, Rodgers just kept improving. 10th (stage 2), 2nd (stage 3 & 5 & 7), 3rd (stage 6), 8th (stage 8). He took 32nd on stage 4 where Cavendish got to shine again. Overall SCOTT bikes blew away the competition.

Scott first place
BMC takes second
De Rosa, third

Paul Mach climbs into KOM lead on Pinarello Dogma

Congratulations to Paul Mach (Bissell Cycling) for making it into the early break and putting the smack down on Foresthill Rd in Stage One of the Tour of California, an effort which was rewarded with the first mountains classification leader's jersey in the in the 2010 edition of the TOC. The UC Davis graduate student PHD Candidate in mathematics will have the esteemed honor of starting in his home town in this very prestigious jersey, as the TOC rolls out of Davis, CA to begin Stage Two.

Ever the modest strategist, Mach commented on his blog that he simply had "a good day." Will he be willing and able to match the accelerations over the four categorized climbs on offer on the road to Santa Rosa? He played down the idea of defending the jersey so early in the race and stated simply that "As for tomorrow, I'm just going to go race my bike." Anybody who has ever tried to hold Paul's wheel on the roads around Davis is surely not doubting that he has what it takes to hold on to the KOM title. He certainly has the right tools. But with a tough week of racing to come there are a million ways to lose it and only one sure way to hold on.

Congratulations, Paul, and good luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Gentleman's Bet: The Prologue

We are one week closer to the start of the Tour of California where 6 of the best teams in the world compete on Wrench Science bicycles. Pinarello, Merckx, BMC, Colnago, Scott and DeRosa. Over the weekend we watched some of these bikes preform under crazy conditions at the Giro. The results of the poll have changed significantly, perhaps as a direct result. Here are the tallied results of your votes to date.

BMC: 34%
Pinarello: 21%
Merckx: 19%
Colango: 14%
Scott: 9%
DeRosa: 3%

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