Thursday, May 20, 2010

Screamer Spyder

I've had this sitting on my desktop for months now. I can't seem to throw it away. It's from a Sears christmas catalog from the 70's. Every bike in here has something special. The deluxe model, has the sweet "butterfly" curved handlebars, dual rear brakes, and front/rear suspension. You would be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I also like that there is a parking brake next to the gear shifter. I supposed to make sweet witch whistles on the local hill.

The Green bike, which is the most normal, still runs a high sissy bar and oversized front wheel. This is the bike I would have probably ended up with, but it would have been used.

The Red bike, with production steering wheel is out of hand. It actually has some clean lines. I want it one. I'm trying to imagine the first kid who decided to hit his local jump. If there wasn't a lawsuit involving this bike I would be surprised.

Or you could double your sweetheart with the padded sissy bar on the blue bike with the upgraded shifter.

All of these bikes are cool, quirky and potentially dangerous. I'm sure they will be saying the same thing about some of the more current bikes in 30 years. Trek Y bike comes to mind.

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