Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knolly Bikes shares an AWESOME video of Garett Buehler Shredding on an Endorphin!

Most of you have probably seen the review we've posted on the Knolly Endorphin, ridden by Brian Waugh here, and how much he loves the versatility of this frame. (Check out the Knolly Endorphin review here)

If that wasn't enough to fulfill your checklist when looking for a new frame, perhaps this video will!

on Pinkbike

Now, we all know that riding skills are required to do some of the things here, but this just shows the full capability of the Endorphin.

No better time than now to pick up the last of the Endorphin frames (or Chilcotin or Podium for those looking for more) during Knolly's Special pricing sale!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Intense Carbine 29? Ooohhhhhhh yeeeeaaahhhh......

Check out this video from Intense

With not much info out on them quite yet, we're looking forward to getting these here to play with. The Orange goes well with our Flow Team Jersey too.