Friday, October 5, 2012

Knolly Podium: Get prepared to go fast.....REALLY fast!

Coming back from Interbike this year I was greeted with a shiny new Knolly Podium frame. I knew that this frame was coming for a while and had assembled all of the parts for the build, but was elated to see that the day had finally come to build up this amazing downhill machine! Thanks a lot Noel and Kevin from Knolly!

2013 Knolly Podium at Wrench Science

Reminiscing on the "Grave Digger" monster truck I decided to go with a black and green theme. I knew that the bike was going to build up pretty light for a DH rig, but I wasn't expecting 36.8 lbs. with pedals on a large frame! Oh yea, did I mention that it looks great as well! Noel Buckley's attention to detail shines on this frame. From the titanium frame hardware to the unique shock mounting hardware that integrates into the frame to the one piece chain stay that makes a U-shape which dramatically increase rear end stiffness. This frame is packed with well thought out details that make this one of the finest downhill frames I have ever seen.