Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where did all the Niners go?!

Niners have been flying off the shelves for a while now. It has not been uncommon for the RIP 9, Jet 9 and Air 9 to be sold out. But this spring, they are moving faster and more frequently then ever before! The only model currently available might be the Jet 9. I say might because even those are thinning out, certain colors in certain sizes, such as the Vanna White Large or Medium.
Right now, and perhaps throughout these more temperate months of 2009, the best way to get a Niner is to place one on backorder. This will ensure your earliest possible delivery, as all orders are filled in the order that they're received. I am expecting the RIP 9 and possibly other models to be possibly sold out perpetually, as each production run is sold out. Right now we are looking to June or July for the next run to come available to ship. That being said, Niner did surprise us with early arrivals of all the backordered framesets for Wrench Science customers, beating their worst ETA's by 4-6 weeks! Pedal Damn it!

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