Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brian Lopes wins Super D in Fontana, CA

Sick shot of Brian Lopes in action, taking home a win on an Ibis HD this past weekend at the 2011 US Cups Super D in Fontana!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ernesto Colnago

Everyone has a bike that fits them best. For me it's Colnago. I have long legs, shorter torso. Colnago fit's like a dream. I've ridden a few different manufacturers over the years and there's a lot of amazing bikes out there. However, for me Colnago is the bike. The heritage and years of refinement allowed for him to fine tune every aspect of the bike. It climbs like a goat, no movement at all. It does 50 mph around tight bends and hugs them like a ferrari, no pun intended. It's comfortable and forgiving over a century.

I met Ernesto a few years ago. He's very calm and calculated. He's always said, "There's a production frame that will fit you." In most cases he's right. That's a big part of the magic of building a custom assembled bike and being fit correctly. Contador changed his TT position by mm and gained a few percent. You can imagine that going from your ill fitting bike, to a properly fit bike would see substantial gains.

The issue of overseas fabrication is long gone. It's proven that China, Taiwan and Japan produce some of the best carbon bikes in the world. However, riding a handmade italian c50 is very much like owning an italian sports car. It breathes the machismo that make people attracted to italian goods.

Specialized just came out with a McClaren X Specialized bike. They have learned that the F1 industry has some of the most advanced carbon fiber technology in the world. It looks nice and I'm sure it rides nice too. However, Colnago has been working with Ferrari for over 20 years. I think Specialized probably took a few notes from Colnago over the years.

There's only one bike that I want over my c50 and that's a c59. Over the past 20 years, Colnago has changed what started as the c40 only a few times. They look for the best way to improve a bike, not just come out with a new model each year. So I wanted to thank Ernesto for not giving me the opportunity to use my bike as an excuse for getting dropped on the big climb of the day, or why I couldn't keep up on the descent or why my back hurt at the end of the century. Thanks Ernesto.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ibis Mojo HD large DHX 5.0 air shock

Custom build by our very own Avi Byer. Words are just not enough...


Ibis Mojo HD large DHX 5.0 air shock
Rock shox totem mission control dh coil fork 180mm travel
Deity controls bar stem
Shimano Saint Drive Train, crank, rear derail, cassette.
Deity LTD pedals.
Crank Brothers one off red Opium DH wheels 12x135 ( these were made special for Kirt vorheis, the sponsor deal fell through so I snapped em up)
Deity DH saddle
Thomson post
Avid Code brakes
Odi Rogue grips
Deity life savers
Kenda 2.5 DH casing tires
Chris King Headset and bottom bracket
MRP G2 mini chain guide

Contact him to get yours

Nathan Davidson tearing it up at the Bonelli-Triple Crown All Mountain Pro Series in our Wrench Science jersey and Wrench Science bib! Thanks for sending us the awesome pic!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gotta love dogs...

Being a dog owner, this is hard to watch....

Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble

It's a universal truth that dogs are man's best friend, but they're pretty darn loyal to their own as well. Case in point: this tear-inducing video, via the website Jezebel, showing a dog, shivering and disoriented, remaining loyally by the side of a stricken fellow canine amid the devastation of the Japanese tsunami.
You can watch the video below:

The video is a stark reminder that, as was the case when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005,