Friday, January 23, 2015

The Not-So-Traditional Pinarello Dogma F8.

Black, white, red, silver, and carbon have fairly been the traditional colors seen on road bikes. Luckily, Pinarello, a few other manufacturers, provide their clients with the option to custom paint their frames. Pinarello MyWay is one example of how you are able to custom color your paint and the release of the 2015 Spring collection seen in the images below showcases just a fraction of Pinarello's ability to do some pretty crazy colorway combinations. 

I recently had the pleasure of ogling at a Dogma F8 Titan Orange color - some photos that you find online just does not do the color combinations justice. What color combinations would you like on your Dogma F8? 

Is there a certain model you prefer in the 2015 Pinarello lineup aside from the Dogma F8? Which is your favorite color combination?