Thursday, November 8, 2007

List for Craigs

If you live in the SF Bay area you know of If you live somewhere else in the world, you probably have a craigslist and will hear of it sometime. It's the locals place to dump there old crap and post whatever crazyness is on your mind. If your a bike guy, you have either sold a bike on craigslist, bought a bike on craigslist, or found your stolen bike on craigslist. Leif was perusing the bikes for sale and came across this classic craigslist posting.

$950 firm and I mean firm, not a damn penny less, I don't even care if your crusty ass grandma come crawling over to have me drop this price-I WILL NOT, NEVER DROP THE DAMN PRICE BELOW $950 in pesos!! I WILL ONLY RESPOND BY PHONE or by email or if you come by in person and have that stinking 89 year old grandma of yours in your place. SO, LEAVE YOUR damn #, your cell #, your home #, your mom's #, your work #, your next of kin's #..and DONT forget to READ THIS COMPLETELY in Ingles!
Just built from scratch with imported frame from Indonesia a dark, and I mean damn near midnight Yugioh grey 55cm steel, not plastic or these cheap carbon fiber girly bikes are made of these days, this is tungsten metal rod, not off the press from Oakland track frame w/fork and knives, alloy drop outs from Plutonium metallic chips, Chris Evert King headset,31.7 round off to 32 instead deda pista track bar 42cm standing alone in Al+ MgSo4 derrivative BOT components, deda fig newton 110mm but can substitute it with Nevlar coating newton instead, Phil Wood bb's made of mercuric ball coating, White and Black Industry One 44t crank with alloy screws soak in brass solution, Phil Wood 16t cog with Surly degenerate ice tips from poland inc., polished ( I did that myself with pledge spray Phil Wood flip flop hubset (used), black DT Swiss rr, tt 1.7 rims, black DT Swiss comp spokes in a floral setting, black brass nipples painted since it was rusty, Surly tug nut taken off my other junkers and beaters, Thompson black seatpost spray painted and Sella SMP black saddle bought at a flea market. No blakes or pedals, they cost too much and you may not be able to afford it sucker. MUST MEET ME at MIDNIGHT at my house or a local school yard, I'll be dress in my pikachu outfit or my tinkerbell outfit to avoid suspicion, CASH ONLY IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! please no USD's, just cash or a truck load of SNL's dvd' there or be square fellow fixated bikers.
There's so many things wrong with this post I'm not even going to get into the details, but if anyone gets in touch with this guy, let me know if show's up in the tinkerbell or the pikachu. Here's the link to the original Rad Track Bike

So the Bay Area is one of the largest Fixed / Track areas in the U.S, not to say they aren't everywhere, but if you've ridden around SF at all then you know the per capita of track bikes is very high. One of the shop criers, Blake, sent me this video from LA, it's not the extreme riding of MASH, but its cimematic and makes me want to ride around at night against a big white wall with a light on it. Check it... LA FIXED

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