Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fixing in Lycra

Yo, this girl stomps your fixie moves, don't be a hater. Just remember there is always someone better out there. Unless of course your #1. You may have seen this floating around, but if you haven't, check it. I have noticed more and more Fixie Tricks video's appearing on the web. Most of them kind of lame, like someone track standing. DUH, your on a track bike...that's like posting a million videos of some kid doing a 12" bunnyhop on his BMX bike. That's the basics, move on to something a little more technical before taking your camera out. That reminds me...the other day when I was riding home and was waiting for a light to turn a dude rolled up next to me with a "faux fixed". Front brake only, single fixed. What' the hell.

and some new school footage of a video coming out.
and representing the SF bay...MASH.

We also have the MASH SF video in-stock $39.99 if your interested. You can email sales {at} wrenchscience {dot} com and we can drop it in the mail for you. Garrett who is in the video, and is also the assistant art director is a good friend of the shops and painted a super rad mural in our Berkeley store. Come on by and check it out.

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