Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shimano Introduces Lighter, More Powerful 2009 Saint Component Group

Shimano combines design and engineering prowess with current riding trends in all-mountain, freeride and downhill and mountain bikes, in the lighter and incredibly durable 2009 Saint component group. The redesigned group follows the evolution of aggressive mountain biking, where riders are more focused on finding their flow on lighter more precise handling bikes. Highlights include a more powerful disc brake system, improved shifting from the new reinforced Shimano Shadow rear derailleur design, new Rapidfire Plus Shifters and lighter and stiffer Hollowtech II cranksets.

Since Saint made its debut in 2004, Shimano has equipped aggressive all-mountain and gravity riders with nearly indestructible parts that proved their reliability and durability by performing well in the most challenging conditions. The Saint group uses advanced Shimano technologies to add new features and functionality that save precious grams while retaining its legendary toughness.

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