Friday, May 2, 2008

A Message from Steve Togasaki

Dear Family & Friends,

Early this morning, Tuesday April 29th, Peter left us quietly and gently...true to his nature. Alekist, Jessica, Michael, Marcus, Jim, Sally and I encircled his bed. It was 4:35 am, and we all were touching him in comfort and love.

As sad as we are to lose our sweet Peter, we are so grateful that he is no longer in his painful struggle. His last 2 weeks in ICU were agonizingly difficult and exhausting, but the staff worked hard to keep him comfortable and we were able be with him most of the time.

The past 9 months Peter fought a heroic battle against his AML, and then his graft versus host disease. All of you know what an ordeal he endured to stay with us as long as he could. The Stanford Hospital and Clinic staff was phenomenal, both in their knowledge and their humanity. They always spent the time to answer our myriad of questions, and comfort our spirits.

We are all so proud of Peter...his sweetness, his humor, his kindness to everyone who came into the room. Everyone became attached to Peter and to our family in a way that made the clinics our second home.

Peter is now at peace, and we envision him embraced by family and running with Maggie.

Thank you for your love, your support and your prayers.

We love you all.

Alekist, Jessica, Sally & Steve

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Avious said...

I love you peter, words cannot express the impression Peter left in my life! I will miss him in the flesh. But he will never leave my heart!