Saturday, May 17, 2008

Celebration of Peter's life

Dear Family and Friends,

Sally, Steve, Jessica, and I have received a wealth of Peter stories from many of you. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories. We have enjoyed reading about the meaningful moments that so many have spent with Peter, as well as the everyday Peter quirks and adventures that made him so special.

A service has not yet been held. Peter requested that we celebrate his life with a joyful event, so we will be taking the time to plan and do exactly that. Please join us in remembering and celebrating Peter's life on Sunday, June 15th, at the Skyline Community Church in the Oakland hills. The exact time and other details will follow shortly in another e-mail and we will be in touch about any requests for extra helping hands.

Sally, Steve, Jessica, and I have officially moved back to the East Bay after 7 months in Mountain View. It has been hard to return to a place that has seemingly changed so little, when things have changed so much. We all had a difficult time leaving Mountain View and the Stanford area because it signified the closing of one chapter of our journey with Peter and the start of a new one without him. We have gone through enough tissue boxes to clear a small forest, but we have also been able to share laughter as we remember Peter and all his Peter ways. Steve and Sally have returned to their home in Shepherd Canyon and I have moved in along with them. Jessica has moved back to her apartment, but spends half of her days and nights with us at Shepherd Canyon. David has been wonderful and is also at Shepherd Canyon along with Sachi. Eli is still wagging his tail so hard that his entire body wags with him.

Thank you again for all the love and support that has been flowing in. Your prayers and positive thoughts have meant a lot to us. Please continue to send Peter stories and photos our way as we would like to include them in a memory book for all to share.

We look forward to spending time with Peter's family and friends on June 15th and we know that Peter will be right there with us.


Sally, Steve, Jessica, and Alekist

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Anonymous said...

I am so terribly sorry to hear of Peter's passing. I only know of Peter through the wrenchscience website and this blog, but my thoughts are with all of his friends and family in this extremely difficult time. Always remember the good times, and, from what I've read on this blog, there were plenty.

- Tim