Tuesday, May 27, 2008

places you wish you lived

The 1 year I made it BC I felt like I had gone to the golden promise land of Mountain Biking. It was everything I had hoped it to be. We got hooked up with some locals who pointed us to some of the more obscure back country freeride trails like Bob Gnarly and Cop Killer up in Killington, and the 9th Hole in Squamish among many others. We all got back to Cali so pumped and excited about riding, to only be reminded that just about every trail in the bay is a "no jump" area and the trails are slim to none these days. 3 local jumping spots have been plowed and the overall Bay Area "home of mountainbiking" surely has to be the lamest place to bestow such a name. I guarantee the "home of Nascar" has a museum, a restaurant, flags entering the town and the most dialed track. Sad state of affairs. If you recall last year I started down the road of getting a jump park legalized and built in the berkeley area. I'm going to make the contacts again and see if I can get back on course with the process. In the meantime, I came across a video that has a trail that I wish we had up in the hills here. Take me to this place of promise.

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Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

It is sad tothink that trails suck in the bay...I moved to SF for a year from NYC in thehopes of riding epic trails in the epicenter of dirt riding...I was so disapointed. I moved back to NYC due in part because the mountain biking was far superior (strange to tell that to people)...road riding on the other hand in the bay area totally rocks. Great place to ride skinny. Nice blog man!