Friday, June 6, 2008

DeRosa NEOTrack

We have been talking to the importer of DeRosa bikes for a while now about a DeRosa track bike. I spoke specifically with Christiano DeRosa at interbike about a DeRosa track bike. He said "yes, we can do." Well I guess all the pestering has paid off, as I just got the leaked photo of the new NeoTrack. There is a 56 and a 57 available today, trust me there not going to last. They have the same geometry as a NeoPrimato, same tubing, but with track drops.

Questionably it's drilled for front and rear brakes, so we'll see how the street crowd feels about that. MSRP $2200. There should be another container showing up in the near future, so if you need a different size give a shout out and we can get you a backorder in for you.

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

Will these be available in smaller sizes and where? Thanks...I think I need a 53.