Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super Record 11

I don't speak italian, but super record is speaking to me. I can't read french, but if I could I would suspect that the site that is showing true manufacturer pictures of the Super Record Gruppo is saying they can't wait to get their hands on the new product. Here's some first glimpses. My understanding is that the difference between super record and record is that all parts will be anodized black and come with ceramic bearings. Where as the standard record will have silver. Start saving now as it will be a pretty penny I'm sure.

and for some more good news TIME will be coming out with an RXR Ulteam road frame. Sharp lines like the RXR with the cleanliness of the Ulteam. I would suspect the combination of the Super Record 11 and RXR frame will be the must have for 2009. Time is definitely pushing the envelope with system integration and industry leading manufacturer processes. Keep your eyes on the peloton as I'm sure this frame will creep out on some big hitters. If you want to get your name on a frame we are currently taking back orders. Call 866.497.3624 x 207 ask for zach

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