Monday, July 14, 2008

For Sale : Marzocchi

Word on the street is there is a good garage sale down the street and they're selling Marzocchi. Generally as most people get scared about a potential selling of their favorite manufacturer it's usually best for the company. Look at Rock Shox they have really benefited from the buy out from SRAM. Hayes now own's Manitou and you can only hope that there new product will be better. Pace is benefiting from the buyout from DT. so you would think in the - brake companies buy all shock companies - that Formula would buy Marzocchi. That's not the case, it's the automotive business.

That could bring up an interesting note in itself. Does this mean that the push for Greener vehicles from the auto industry and the buyout of some key manufacturer strong holds could produce some cool electric bikes? Full equipped Marzocchi suspension? Keep your eyes peeled for the next frame manufacturer sell out as it could be the name on the next generation of electric machines.

Tenneco reaches deal to buy suspension business
Tenneco reaches preliminary deal to buy Marzocchi suspension business for debt
July 10, 2008: 04:25 PM EST

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Automotive parts maker Tenneco Inc. said Thursday it reached a preliminary agreement to buy the suspension business of Italy-based Gruppo Marzocchi.

The deal is the initial step and a final agreement and closing on a potential purchase of the business is dependent on a number of factors, including consultations with the labor councils representing Marzocchi employees, Tenneco said.

Under the agreement, Tenneco would assume the about $15 million in debt related to Marzocchi's suspension business.

Marzocchi supplies suspension technology for motorcycles and other vehicles.

Tenneco shares rose 15 cents to close at $13.83. Top of page

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