Monday, July 7, 2008

Specialized loves ripping off Maverick

Yeah it's a small industry, a good design will be copied. They do say that is a form of flattery. You have something so good that others want it to. They can't have it, so they make one that functions just like yours, except it gets around your patents. You did all the work, they take the quick credit. Big box's like Gary Fisher, Trek and Specialized love ripping off the small guy. Take Gary Fisher the father of Mountain Biking. If you believe such a story your easily gullible, but yet GF loves to walk around in his custom suits like he invented the bike. Sorry Gary, you sold out to Trek and you'll probably be ofted just like Klein and Lemond after they have sucked every 29er customer in the industry. Oh and you didn't invent the 29er either, if I stand corrected that goes to Willits who happened to be building bikes at Ibis. So for those of you out there thinking 29, do something respectable. Speaking of Trek, they finally designed a full suspension. How long have you been in the industry sending unsuspecting customers out on Y-Bikes and glorified single pivots?

Good Ol Specialized, I generally like what they do. They are trend oriented and if they can't make a good fork, hell they will just buy a guy who can. Here comes...uh name just lost me...Mike someone, who happened to be one of the guys that helped Paul Turner make the DUC32. He just put the legs on in a more traditional way, made the axle a little bigger and called it his own. Now specialized has an inverted DUC32 they can call there own...

And not to out do themselves with ripping off the fork, they're going to rip off the post as well. This time they don't even care if it looks the same. They are damn close to infringing on the patent of Ellsworth as well. Hey, what can you say they can do it cheaper and they can flood the market with cool widgets too, it's just unfortunate that they can't give the guys credit who are slaving away on progressing the sport instead of ripping it off.

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Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!! Let's see these companies innovate instead of replicate.........