Wednesday, August 6, 2008

De Rosa Titanio XS!

It has been made known to me that there is a single Titanio XS with a 55cm c-c seat tube and a 55cm c-c top tube. There is only this one frame in the country, there has only been one other frame brought to the states from Italy. For more information on this frame and the price call Avi Byer the sales manager at Wrench Science at toll free 1-866-497-3624 ext 210. Here is a snip it from the De Rosa website about the frame:

Titanium is truly a separate world. A fascinating and technological world, just like the material: tough but light, flexible and responsive, but also solid and reliable. It is as difficult to work as it is exciting in terms of the many results which can be achieved. Starting from the careful selection of raw materials and adopting strict checks during the production process, we have succeeded in producing a made-to measure frame of unsurpassed comfort, particularly suitable for long competitions and for those requiring the maximum reliability, safety, prestige, quality and refinement.
Weight (no fork/no head set): 1.300 gr.

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