Friday, October 3, 2008

Garrett and MASH ride with Lance

As some of you know Garrett and I have been tight like brothers since college. It all started 18 years ago with our obsession for rock climbing but the bond went much deeper than touching rock. Garrett has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and this comes from being a world-class designer that is in tune with street cultures from around the globe. He has traveled extensively doing design work for some of the worlds largest companies. We have been very lucky here at Wrench Science because he is the reason we look as good as we do graphically. So it came as no surprise that his obsession with fixed gear bikes in 2005 has now captured the cycling industry by storm. Garrett started riding track bikes in Europe when he lived in Holland and would send pictures of his bike in crazy spaces like the one below.

Another classic from Garrett's stable.

Anyway a couple years ago Garrett decided to move back to SF much to my delight and instantly got hooked up with the MASH SF crew. Two long time skateboarders Mike Martin and Gabe Morford were filming footage for a movie on fixed gear riding that would eventually become MASH the movie. Garrett would bring over short video footage of them riding their fixed gear bikes through SF in traffic like skilled mountain bikers descending a technical trail except without brakes and in ever changing traffic conditions. This footage blew me away! This is coming from someone that has been in the cycling industry for 20 years and I don’t want to sound callus but there isn’t much that surprises me any longer. Needless to say MASH the movie was a huge success, which took the crew traveling to Asia and most recently to Austin Texas to ride with none other than Lance Armstrong himself. Check out the videos on their website for some great riding footage (Austin and Garrett) and if you are psyched buy the DVD you will not be disappointed.

Here are the YouTube posts.

Here is good article on MASH.

Cheers, TM


Anonymous said...

Sick! Who does all your photos? They are so tight!

Tim said...

Garrett took some and Mike Martin took some for this post. Quite a few of the other photos were taken by Zach.