Thursday, January 15, 2009

The BVK-Ripper

For all those wondering if the Ibis Mojo is up to the task of shredding gnar! Boys around the Science have been building the Ibis to do just that! 6 inch 20mm dual arch Magura front suspension, DHX 5.0 rear suspension 819's on Wrench Science orange Kings.....Wooooohwoooo! I think Ibis caught a flu cuz this Mojo is Sick! Blake Von Knopka hands down is the single most Avid rider I know. If he aint riding he's thinking about riding if he's not thinking about riding. He's most likely dreaming about riding. He is a riding fiend and we here at W.S. love em' for it! He will chew your ear off to get you on your bike. Check out some pics of the BVK-Ripper!

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