Thursday, February 12, 2009

MASH riding the Tour of California

Our good friends at MASH SF are going big and riding the TOC on their fixies. Yep you heard me right the TOC on a fixed gear. It should be quite and adventure based on the pure terrain alone and now given the current weather conditions it should be a crazy. Their plan is to start three to four hours before the actual race starts and finish either ahead or just behind the TOC riders. As many of you know we are tight with the MASH crew and are thus super psyched for them. For more on their adventure check out their blog here MASH Blog.

One of our Wrench Science riders Blake Vonknopka is joining Garrett, Andy, Rainier and the rest of the crew for the journey. At 40 years old Blake is the most psyched bike rider i know followed closely by Garrett and Freddie. We are super psyched for these guys and wish them the best of luck. I will be watching them closely and I hope everyone else out there supports them along the way. Venga, Venga, Venga!!!


Anonymous said...

What kind of pedals does Garett use on his bikes?

pedalpup69 said...

Potato MASHers!

Anonymous said...

what are those rims?