Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 Trek Hybrid Fork Recall

Product Recall Notice - May 19, 2009

As previously announced to dealers, a small number of the 2009 Trek model 7300, 7300 WSD, and 7500 bicycles were made with a SPA suspension fork involved in a recall. The fork could come out of alignment with the handlebar, which could allow the front wheel to turn unexpectedly. This recall notice has now been released to consumers by the CPSC. For more information, please read below and view the full details and latest updates on Dexter.


SPA Fork Safety Recall Released to Consumers

Over the last couple of weeks, Trek has been providing you information about the SPA Fork Safety Recall. Today, Tuesday, May 19th, 2009, the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) formally announced the recall information to the public. Your customers may now be coming into your store to ask about the recall. Make sure you are properly informed so you can assist your customers with any affected bikes.

The new consumer announcement and a new consumer poster to display in your store are available to download as PDF's below. In addition, the previously released dealer announcement, service information, and clarification on the red/blue plugs can also be downloaded below as PDF’s.

  • NEW - SPA Fork Safety Recall Consumer Announcement (pdf)
  • NEW - SPA Fork Safety Recall Consumer Poster (pdf)
  • SPA Fork Safety Recall Dealer Announcement (pdf)
  • SPA Fork Safety Recall Service Information (pdf)
  • SPA Fork Safety Recall Red/Blue Plug Info (pdf)
  • Also available is a 10 minute instructional video on how to repair the affected forks. Click below to play this video, although be patient as this large video may take some time to load. It is definitely worth your time for you and the shop mechanics to watch.

    Log into for the full details about this safety recall notice.

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