Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Happy CX-1 Customer

Earlier this year you helped me with my new bike: a freakin’ awesome Colnago CX-1. Just wanted to let you know that five months after receiving it I still wake up every morning totally excited to ride. The thing climbs, corners, descends, and rolls like nothing I’ve ever heard of. It’s comfortable, smooth, and sooo good looking. But the best thing about it is that no one else has one! In five months of ownership I’ve only seen one other guy on a CX-1. It’s so neat to ride a bike that is different and unique.

My new bike has also helped me get my racing career off to a great start, with 3 top five finishes in my first 4 races! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the race where I didn’t finish top five was on my crummy old Trek 1000!

Thanks again for building such an awesome bike for me! I’ve included a picture for you so you can see your work of art in action (the bike that is… not me).

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M-Ware said...

I can attest to how happy this bike has made my husband! Thanks for your great work on the bike. He is one hot rider, is he not?