Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everything is better in HD!!

Due to the success of the Mojo, the bar was very high for this bike (high jump reference, not a limbo reference). After reading what Brian said about the frame, consider that the weight of the HD frame is 6.3lb, half a pound more than the Mojo. Light weight combined with the pedalability of the dw-link along with all that go-fast stuff Brian mentioned means They’ve hit their goal.
The HD is designed to be used with forks in the 160mm to 180mm travel range. Two geometry charts are provided for your viewing pleasure (one at 160mm and one at 180mm)
Although there’s a family resemblance, the Mojo HD uses all new molds and layups for both front triangle and swingarm. The frame is made from the same modulus carbon as the SL. The lower link and Lopes Link are all new too.

Here are some of the various features and design of the HD.

The HD features what’s being referred to (at least this week) as a mixed tapered headset with a 1.5″ lower and a 1.125″ upper.
The 1.5″ lower provides an exceptionally rigid front end platform. Combined with the through axle fork and our very stiff front end layup, you’ll be amazed at the precision found in the front end, particularly when pushing hard.
The HD is also compatible with the King InSet headset.

Lopes’s Influence

The HD has been in development for three years, before the started working with Brian Lopes. They had originally planned on a 68 degree head angle and had already done the CAD models that way. When they started working with Brian he pushed hard for 67 so they actually went back and redid the models. They're happy they did.
Brian and his mechanic Joe also helped us refine the cable routing so that cables are well protected, run clean and friction free and also have compatibility with single and multiple chainring setups and adjustable seatposts.
Although people suspect they do, They haven’t been making special layups for Brian. He’s just been riding the most current rev of the latest proposed production layup and been giving us feedback. They’ve done several versions now and the frame he rode at Downhill World’s in 2009 isn’t as good as the one that the consumer will be able to buy (sorry Brian).
Brian and Joe were also pretty adamant about having the chain guide attach in some way other than just around the BB. They didn’t want the guide to be able to rotate when you hit the bash guard. Joe came up with tapping threads into the main pivot bolt to secure it and it worked really well. The head of the Ibis engineering department (the amazing and incredible Colin) refined the idea and designed a custom guide that they’ll be stocking for it. They’ll be made by MRP and one is pictured below (note the nifty bolt that secures it to the lower link-definitely click on this image for a bigger view).


The Frame price is $2399, which includes the RP23 shock.
The initial groups they spec will be an X9 based group and an XT group.

Secure your HD frame!! Get on the list!! To do so call 1-866-497-3624 ext 210 or email

Avi Byer at

Mojo “HD” Specifications

* 160mm of rear wheel travel.
* DW Link Suspension.
* 26″ Wheels.
* Weight for the frame and shock, size large: 6.3 lbs, 2.86Kg.
* 67 degree head angle with a 160mm fork.
* Polycarbonate down tube cable guard.
* Chain stay length: 17.125″.
* 12 x 135mm Maxle rear axle.
* Post mount magnesium left dropout, carbon right dropout.
* Compatible with the new tapered steerer standard: 1 1/8th hidden upper, 1.5 traditional lower.
* Compatible with both Chris King InSet and Cane Creek Frustum headsets.
* If you want to run your current straight 1 1/8″ fork, they have got you covered too. They will have an adapter available, and you will be able to use a King headset top and bottom.
* 2.35″-2.55″ rear tire depending on brand and height of cornering knobs.
* Dual row angular contact bearings in the front of the lower link that have less play than standard sealed bearings. Preload adjustment is not necessary. Large 28mm x 15mm x 7mm radial bearings in the rear for stiffness and long wear.
* The leverage ratio, like the Mojo and Mojo SL is designed for air shocks. The Mojo HD comes with a 8.5″ x 2.5″ Fox RP23. A DHX air will work on all but the small size. A coil shock is not offered because the linkage rates weren’t designed for it. They lowered the top tube to get slightly better standover than the regular small mojo while having a higher BB because of the longer travel (they managed to retain the DHX air compatibility in 3 of the 4 sizes).
* The Bottom Bracket height is 13.8″-14″ depending on tires.
* Front derailleur (if you use one) and adjustable seatpost housing (if you use one) run along the top tube.


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This bike looks so good. I love the new paint job. I know you guys are always first in line when new bikes like this are rolling out, so let me know the second you can get me one. I can't wait to park it next to the SL.


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