Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Merckx to release EMX-7!

Eddy Merckx is getting ready to launch the EMX-7. There are some specifics that are still industry secrets at this point but we do know that the EMX-7 will be the stiffist, lightest most responsive frame Merckx has created. That's saying a lot considering the amazing line up Merckx has produced over the years. The AMX is still a favorite.

Merckx will use the bike industries best carbon fiber (Toray) to integrate the seat mast into the frame. The bottom bracket is oversized, which makes the EMX-7 frame even better at turning leg power into to speed. Build this bike with Campy Super Record and you will, quite possibly, have the best machine in the industry.

Watch Boonen and Eddy test ride the new Eddy Merckx EMX-7 (above). Learn more about Eddy Merckx bicycles. Sign up for the Merckx newsletter to get updates, news, special offers and industry info at (below)

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