Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh WOW!!!!! Fresh Master X Light Build.

With all of the Master X Light builds that come out of Wrench Science, each one is more impressive than the previous. I do not know whats more beautiful the hand built Italian frame, or the hand built Italian components that go with it. Polished lugs ,and an Icy cold paint job this is honestly one of our nicest Master builds to date, more impressive is the build weight, 16.5!! Thats even with the steel fork. This build impressed us here so much at wrench science that I decided to send some photos to our friend at, and see what our east coast friends think about it. In case you do not know about, Prolly he is our go to guy for anything cycling culture. From track bikes to road culture hes our guy. So check him out for updates from Wrench Science.

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