Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Extravaganza!

For those of you in SF, here's a couple of nice events this weekend. Great time to meet new people, enjoy the sun, and show off your Cinelli MASH! (the following were taken off the original posts from MASH SF and Red Bull USA)


Red Bull RIDE + Style
Red Bull Ride and Style

On April 30, San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza will serve as the setting for a collision of fixed gear biking and urban contemporary art, creating a visually exciting and awe-inspiring event called Red Bull Ride + Style.

The event will feature riders facing off in both track and freestyle competitions, with the obstacles designed and decorated by local San Francisco artists. Red Bull Ride + Style will bring together more than 50 riders from both coasts, with riders from fixed gear meccas San Francisco, Portland and New York competing, as well as riders from Japan.

The track portion of the event will include a custom art installation by California-based artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector. By day, the duo collects debris of discarded bike parts from the dumpsters of nonprofit bike groups, and by night, they then work to reconfigure these pieces, making them into works of art. For the event, they will be creating a one-of-a-kind starting line arch.

The track competition will begin with qualifying runs, and the riders with the best 16 times will advance. From there, the competition will be bracketed out so the top 16 will compete head-to-head until there is one winner left.

The obstacles for the freestyle portion of the event will be built by well known ramp builder Jeremy Witek, and the custom features will don artwork by urban contemporary artists Aaron De La Cruz, Erik Otto, N8 Van Dyke and Arlo Eisenberg.

The four artists will work as a collective, and by merging together their unique styles they will bring the freestyle portion of the event to life through a clever juxtaposition of objects. They will play with the elements of space, dimension and movement, creating an inspiring course for both the riders and spectators.

  • The freestyle competition will group the competitors into five different heats, six riders in each.

  • The riders will have a 15 minute jam session to showcase their style and tricks and the judges will pick the best riders from each heat to advance to the final round. The final round will include approximately 10 riders that will compete for the top spot.

Date and Time:

April 30, 2011


Justin Herman Plaza
San Francisco, CA


We were content giving away pints of strawberries as race prizes for next weekends event, then friends at INCASE offered up a thousand dollars in cash to stoke the fire. They have worked with us on our annual race in Las Vegas, and really happy to have them cheering for racers right here in SF.

500$ for first fixed.

500$ for first geared.

There will be many other awards, and will announce them as we draw closer to next weekends event.

Who loves cash?!

Thanks to Incase for taking care of these competitive street cyclists!

Look for more info next week!


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