Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bissell Pro Cycling Team at the US Pro Road Nationals

Bissell Pro Cycling Team is at it again at the US Pro Road Nationals, making it known that they have strong riders who are definitely capable of showing the full potential of the Pinarello Dogma.

Bissell Pro Cycling is one of the few teams where they ride parts that are completely off the shelf, never making any changes in the components. This means you can actually use the exact same parts they're using, and perform just as well! They are currently equipped with Pinarello Dogma Carbon 60.1 frameset with Campagnolo Record grouppo and Easton EC90 SL tubular and EC90 Aero tubular wheels. If these guys can ride on these equipment and get up in the front of many pro cyclists, there's no doubt it's good enough for your custom bike.

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