Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gran Fondo USA in LA

What a great weekend it was in Los Angeles, the weather wasn't excruciatingly hot, the winds weren't too strong, and smiles were plentiful while everyone enjoyed the Gran Fondo event hosted by Colnago-America. We were getting some serious coverage from event participants' cameras and smart phones. Here's a couple of our own to start

Bethany Allen on the Colnago M10

Top of the KOM Challenge, crowd there asked us to pose for pics.
Colnago M10 up front and center of course!
The only expression anyone would have while riding the Colnago M10
Wrench Science getting ready for the start of Gran Fondo! Huge Smiles were across our faces!

Huge thanks to Billy Kanzler from Colnago-America for putting us on the Colnago M10 for the ride. It was definitely appreciated and the bike proved to be worthy of Colnago's name.


Tarmarc said...

Love Bethany's Colnago M10. What frame size is it. Looks like a 48s?

Henry said...

That is correct, it is a 48s Colnago M10