Monday, July 25, 2011

Bike Fit 411

Bike fit is something that we provide as a service through our bike builder, it is often dismissed by shops simply to complete a bike sale thus making the bike ride uncomfortable or more exhausting than exhilarating. For those that are local pick-ups, we're able to go in further and take some time to adjust the forward/aft of saddle position as well as dial in the rest of your positioning to the millimeter.

One of our best clients, Neil Wong on his 2011 Pinarello Graal Di2
Often times we hear responses such as "Is this low enough to be fast?" or "Is the drop set properly to my saddle?". Well, just like anything else in this world, not all two things are made identical. Some people can withstand a more aerodynamic position to achieve the max body performance, where as some can achieve their max body performance being more up-right. Simply put, "to each their own".

Here is an entry written by one of our friends, who happens to be one of the premier bike fitters in the world, Steve Hoggs in Australia explaining how some people can be fast at Time Trials even without being "low enough". He also uses one of our best clients, Neil Wong, explaining his perfect fit on his 2011 Pinarello Graal Di2 in the picture you see earlier in this entry.

Steve Hogg Bike Fitting - TT RIDER. Rod and Bikefitter discuss the secret of speed

Steve Hogg definitely has the experience to backup his statements. We hope this will help shed some light on the importance of not just having a Bike Fit, but having it cater to how YOU as a cyclist will feel throughout your ride.

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