Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colnago EPQ

Here we have a Colnago EPQ frameset in white for one of our clients. The EPQ frame is an evolution from the previous popular EPS frame.

The EPQ is quite similar to the C59 Italia. Instead of the "master" style tubing, it is made with round tubing which allows the frame to keep the lateral stiffness needed to perform, but offering a more comfortable ride quality than the C59 Italia.

The EPQ is available in just as many sizes as the C59 Italia (22 different sizes) and for those that desire "taylor-made" option, custom sizing is possible as well. Contact our Colnago specialist Tyler Miller @ 510-529-3044 for answers to questions or help with your order.


IamIronman said...

If its stiffer and more comfortable than the C59, what's the point of the C59? Weight?

Henry said...

The EPQ is not stiffer than the C59. It's stiff enough where the performance is not going to be compromised nor ride quality.

IamIronman said...

Ah, I reread the post and understand now. Thanks!