Friday, July 8, 2011

Highland Bike Park and Contour GPS camera make for a great day of riding!

While on vacation last week in Boston, I took a day to head up to beautiful New Hamphshire to check out Highland Bike Park. If you are ever in New England be sure to head up to Northfield, New Hampshire and check this place out! For many of us there is the misconception that bike parks are for hardcore freeride or downhill riders. This simply is not true and Highland Bike Park does an excellent job of making the park open to every skill level. Are there ten plus foot drops? Yes. Are there ridiculously steep and rocky terrain? Yes. While all of that is fun, really fun, for advanced riders, there are smooth, fast and flowy singletrack runs that literally every mountain biker can have a blast on! Check out the video below I took with our new Contour GPS camera that were sent to us just days before I left on my trip. Thanks Contour! If you like the quality of video you see with the GPS mapping which shows your route on a map along with your elevation and speed, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to share my experience of using the camera with you.

You can also see the footage at Contour's site -

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