Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colnago and Shimano meets again....

Of course with the first 2012 Colnago CX-1 Evo built with the new 2012 Shimano Ultegra Di2, we weren't going to stop there. Fortunately for this next client, we were able to put his bike together as well with the newly released electronic shifting components.

With some gaudy wording removed from the frame, the 2012 Colnago M10 looks even more sexy and appealing to the eyes.

No more "Structural Routing" decal on top tube; makes a HUGE difference.

This gorgeous Colnago M10 is already on it's way for it's new owner to enjoy. Want to get yours too? Get in touch with Tyler Miller at or call him at 510-529-3044 and place your order today!


Charles said...

Hi I have just got my M10 in matt black , as in your photo`s how did you get the signage off the frame ?

Henry said...

Hi Charles. The 2012 M10 is made without the writing on the top tube. We didn't remove it ourselves. Hope that info doesn't lessen your enjoyment with the bike!