Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Argon 18 E-118 NEXT Is In The House!

The reps from Argon 18 gave us a little visit recently and brought a whole bunch of new toys to show us; the Argon 18 E-118 NEXT and the Nitrogen

Both available here at our shop for a test ride until March 20th, 2015. Contact us today if you are interested in taking any of these out for a quick ride! 

Argon 18 E-118 NEXT Time Trial and Triathlon Bike
The Argon 18 E-118 NEXT had its own private photo shoot the other day. Take a look at them here on our Flickr Page!

The Argon 18 Nitrogen road bike will get to model its aerodynamic build on the next sunny day. :) 

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