Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Tony and Jeff from Magura stopped by the shop to talk 2008 Magura. After taking a closer inspection of there products I have to say Magura is on to something. That something is attention to detail. Everything Magura touches has details that I haven't seen from other manufacturers. They brought in some forks and brakes and some of the new Syntace bar/stem/posts, which looked great as well. After a little tech seminar I took them up into the hills for our local all mountain trail burn down the the side-o-hill. From the ride back it sounded like they enjoyed the ride. They left me with a fork and brakes to beat up, so in a few months I'll write another recap review. Which reminds me, that I have to thank Dan from Ellsworth for leaving the demo bike for another day so Tony had something ride. Good work. Now to the stuff.

From the brake standpoint, the Louise has some really cool features. For example the hose going into the caliper can rotate with the direction of the caliper, allowing for a smooth housing routing no matter where your stops are. There is a bleed valve at the lever so you don't have to remove the whole top cap and the whole lever can be removed with 1 screw, for easy replacement if broken or you want to upgrade to carbon. It just all makes sense. The Marta SL is just plain light with incredible modulation.

The Magura fork line is just now starting to get some footing, but I can say when you look closely at one of there forks you see the German manufacturing and engineering staring right back at you. You can see crisp lines and a very high-end finish. When the fork is off the bike you look at the double arch and it seems to stand out. Once on a bike however it doesn't stand out at all. Plus that double bridge is crazy stiff. One thing that I think is a prime example of Maguras attention to detail is the stainless steel drop outs and brake disc tab mounts. Perfectly aligned and won't' be crushed. They are also forward facing to counter act the braking. There Albert system is about as easy as it gets for understanding how a platform works and you don't have to be brain surgeon to use it or adjust it for you riding style. Last the servicing of the forks is easy breezy, meaning you won't have to send the fork back to the manufacturer for servicing.

Just wanted to say thanks again for stopping by and we look forward to you guys coming out again. You can get some more information at magura

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