Monday, November 5, 2007

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Peter just sent us an update...
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Hey folks,

Sorry it's been so long since I've given you guys an update. Got behind on them cause the most recent treatment was a bit harder then the first and I just didn't feel like doing much. I'll try and keep it short. After the first treatment I got about a two week break where I stayed with my parents. It was nice to be home but it was also very hard to manage the pain and I missed being in the hospital. After a bone marrow biopsy they discovered that I still had leukemic cells in me bones, so it was back to in the hospital again.

This time the chemo treatment was 40 times more potent then the last. I was so drugged that I luckily don't remember the first three weeks of treatment. Unfortunately that treatment didn't do a thing to the cancer. My cancer apparently has a chromosomal abnormality that makes it very resistant to the drugs, meaning the chemo didn't do a thing. The next treatment on the agenda is a bone marrow transplant. My sister is a perfect match so she'll be the donor, and I'm being transferred to Stanford to deal with the BMT experts. The odds aren't on my side but it is certainly better then no marrow match at all so I'll take it. Some numbers suggest that this treatment has a 1 in 5 chance of succeeding, but that doesn't really take into account that I'm young and my sister is a perfect match.

I'll be in Palo Alto for a while. The first week in the hospital they are going to blast me with radiation to kill off the leukemia. The next week they'll start me on an industrial dose of chemo. After that they'll begin infusing my sisters stem cells and I'll just be waiting for my immune system to start recovering. After I'm out of the hospital they have to monitor me everyday so I'll be living in Palo Alto in some patient housing, close enough that if there is an emergency we can jet over to Stanford. This is going to suck big time. But I it's better then dying. Ok that's all for now.

I miss you all and appreciate all the support i've been getting. Hope to see some of you soon.


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Sudipta Das said...

Sorry peter, But it's quite sad to hear your story. but keep faith on god, I hope you will be better soon.

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