Thursday, November 15, 2007

Slopestyle is big kids BMX

If you pay any attention to Slopestyle events such as Crankworx at Whistler or the others that are popping up across the world you know that mountain biking is going to a whole new level. Andreu Lacondeguy is doing superman-back flips like he's doing a regular jump off the curb. He's got em' on lock down, and in the New World Disorder 8 video he does a can-can-backflip. In the past these are tricks that could only be done in the Playstation 2 game BMX triple X. Which we just discussed as the best bike game produced so far, where's the slopestyle game? The kids in the BMX arena however are serving up tricks that defy gravity. Scotty Cranmer just landed a front flip tailwhip?? If you want to see what the slopestyle guys will be working on next, just start watching some BMX videos, because they're the ones that are pushing the envelope. Here's a couple to get you hooked, then you can start perusing the internet.

Cranmer front flipwhip

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