Tuesday, February 12, 2008

electric bikes

I don't know very many people riding electric bikes. One of our old salesman Dennis bought a whizzer replica engine and put it on an old cruiser he had. It was a scary beast. If a whizzer isn't already sketchy, a taiwanese ghetto whiz is got to be as sketchy as it gets. Lately I've been noticing a new, but old, kind of motorized bike. The old Puch pedal mopedal. I've seen some others as well, motobecane and some other I can't remember, but the interesting thing about these mopeds is that they have a full on crank like a bike. In fact that's how you get the thing going, you pedal it and then the engine takes over. Also a nifty feature for running out of gas.

These mopedals are starting to see a return as cool kids are looking for new alternatives to transportation. To be in front of the curve you have to have something that is limited. Being that most of these are being built in the 80's it's going to be difficult for the uncool kids to copy you, thus a perfect item to keep your cool above water. The next stage is to trick out your mopedal so it doesn't look as lame as this one in this picture. Your trying to go for the cut, snipped, bobbed look of the first one. The last important item is to find a member's only jacket in red leather. Once again a limited supply and to complete the look. I haven't seen anyone unlocking there mopedal to take a picture, but be sure that I'm waiting for it to happen.

To sum it up, if you want extra pedal power, but don't want to spend the thousands of dollars on a lame designed electrik bike, go to your local flea market and start looking around for a mopedal. You can look cool, you can save on gas, and you can cut lanes of traffic. The only thing you can't do is run red lights.

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JohnGallagher said...

electric bikes don't cost thousands of dollars. You can get a kit in the $3-500 range. They don't attract attention to you like a noisy smokey moped either.

zaxxon said...

I guess you didn't read my sarcasm.