Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Peter's bouncing back!

Hey Tim,

I trust you'll forward this to the guys. Just a quick update. I'm still down here at Stanford for treatment. Treatment involves going to the hospital where they do some blood tests and then pump me up with whatever I'm low on. At first I was going in for treatment every other day, but now I'm down to Mondays and Thursdays, unless there is a problem, in which case I'll go in. I'm staying in patient housing, which is just a big apartment complex near the hospital. Pretty nice digs but I would rather be home of course. I'm not allowed to be alone in case of emergency so my parents, sister, and Alekist take turns watching over me. We've only had one emergency where I had to be admitted to the hospital for three days, otherwise it's pretty boring. The worst part about this is the side effects of all the meds they've got me taking. Over the course of the day i take about 45 pills, side effects range from weight gain (sucks...i'm pretty fat right now but they say it will go away once i'm off the meds), insomnia, the shakes, and the list goes on. I'm a pretty big mess cause of the meds, but they are keeping me alive so not a bad trade off. As my sister's immune system accepts my body we'll start to taper the meds down till I'm down to near nothing. That is the ultimate goal of this process right now. I'm technically in what is called "clinical remission" which means all signs say the cancer is beaten but that they aren't sure until they do a biopsy of my bones. The biopsy is in about three weeks and after that i may be able to go home. When I go home it is going to be similar to patient housing.....I'll be very restricted in what I'm allowed to do. Some good signs are that my hair is starting to grow back, anytime my body does something normal it is a good sign. For a while I was bald because of the chemo and my body had better things to do then grow hair. I guess that's it for now. I'm still working on a more detailed update but it is hard when you have bad days and shake all the time. I miss all you guys and can't wait to be back.


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