Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I love unicorns. Especially ones who fly with the rainbows. Unicorns are a magical and enchanting creature. I think they probably have like a +10 magic. Basically they look like nice gentle creatures, but they will kick the crap out of you if you tried any funny business, unlike the movie "Legend" where they cut the unicorns horn off. Personally I don't think it would have happened like that, although I do think we would dive into a perilous world if a unicorn horn was cut off.

2 things that don't mix are Bulls and Unicorns. A Unicorn isn't going to be hanging out in the same pasteur as a Bull, it just isn't going to happen. Unicorn's probably eat pink grass and pee golden streams that leprechauns collect for their pots of gold. So why, in the blasphemy of unicorns, would someone try to emulate such a creature with a bike. There are quite a few reasons not to do this, 1 is bull horns are lame. 2 is bull horns are lame. 3. is your brake is in a dumb spot and you might as well not have a brake if your going to put it in a place that is only accessible if you have +10 magic to stop time to allow yourself enough time to reach the brakelever. The only thing this bike didn't do to hurt the Unicorn name is to have painted it like a rainbow.

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