Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cobra is Dead : by his own viper EPO bite

Well Ricco you did it. You happened to ruin your career, your team, tarnish the tour and lie all in the same week. Now that your caught, your taking the "high" road and confessing. I guess the millions of dollars to clear your name in vein wasn't a good option anyway. It didn't work for Tyler or Floyd.

Funny how you don't seem to find many sprinters doping, other than some occasional cocaine use by Tom Boonen, which by the UCI's account doesn't count as a stimulus anyway. For some reason when anyone gets busted now adays, it isn't that shocking. It's to be expected. Cycling may be at the forefront of doping, but it's clear that every sport out there has problems.

Just recently, the Danish XC mountain bike champion, a UFC fighter, a tennis player. I would also bet that the old man Greg Norman at 53 had to take a few pills to keep his swing in check at the masters. Doping isn't cycling. Competition is Doping

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