Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sex the Olympic sport

This might be old news, but I think it's good news. First off, sex for men decreases there ability to compete, but increases womens' abilities. Huh. Now I'm not very familiar with women's track right now, but I can tell you who I'm rooting for during the games and she's not from the U.S.

How sex could help me win Olympic glory, by the golden girl of cycling

She is one of our brightest hopes for Olympic glory after winning two golds at the recent World Cycling Championships in Manchester.

Now Victoria Pendleton has disclosed the secrets of her success ? and confided that although sex can damage men's sporting prowess, she believes it boosts a woman's.

But Victoria, 27, adds that even though she sees a man for regular dinner dates, she is so devoted to her sport that he will always be second in her life.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Victoria says she does not believe in the sex bans imposed on athletes before major competitions.

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Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton confided that although sex can damage men's sporting prowess, she believes it boosts a woman's.

"We are sensible athletes ? we know what is healthy and what is unhealthy," she says.

"I was recently speaking to someone involved with coaching athletes. He said he knows when his athletes are in a relationship because the guy's performance goes down and the girl's performance improves. It's quite funny ? the guy is thinking about it too much."

She says her dreams of winning gold in Beijing in August have made it impossible to consider settling down. "I have a guy I have an arrangement with," she says.

"He takes me out to dinner and I spend a lot of time with him when I can. He is from outside the sport. We are not allowed to have relationships with other cyclists, even if we wanted."

As she is away competing for nine months a year, Victoria, from Stotfold in Bedfordshire, says she cannot commit to a relationship like "normal" people.

"The guy I see is second on my list and he knows that," she says. "I don't want my parents to think less of me because I am not settled down with somebody ? but I am not interested in that. I've got other priorities that far, far exceed me needing Mr Right."

She says she recently posed naked for pictures on her bike because "I won't look like this for ever and I thought it was a great way to store that image for the rest of time.

"I'm not in bad nick and represent a good body image. I've worked hard for my muscles and I'm proud of the way my legs look".

She insists: "I was topless but I came into the studio in a robe and I was wearing a thong ? although that was airbrushed out." - Thanks to the

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