Monday, August 4, 2008

Grandfathers are the choosiest

Brian Lopes and Wade Simmons are Vets that have shaped the mountain bike community in there own way. Wade Simmons is called the grandfather of freeride. He may not have the jib/flip tricks that the new schoolers do, but it was Wade that paved that trail. Dropping huge lines in the mountains of BC before the word "freeride" was even coined.

Brian Lopes has more dual slalom titles and world championships than any other being on earth. Basically you race for second. So now that they have been graced to the hall of fame they get to choose what they ride and not have to worry nearly as much about the sponsership. So what do they ride, well at the colorado crankworx super d. It was brian lopes taking 2nd on an Ibis Mojo and Wade Simmons taking 9th on a Maverick Durance.

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