Friday, November 4, 2011

2012 Zipp 101 updates!

We all know and love Zipp for their Firecrest technology on their Carbon Clinchers and Carbon Tubular wheels. What about wheels for the winter? Or for those of us that prefer aluminum wheels for all purpose use? Zipp has a solution for that as well! Zipp 101 Aluminum Clinchers were introduced for those that wanted a wheel to use for any occasion, and for 2012, they were able to make these even more appealing.

Read more to find out the new changes made for the 2012 Zipp 101 Aluminum Clinchers.

So for 2012, Zipp decided to only do what was necessary to the 101 aluminum clinchers being that they're already proven to be faster, stiffer, and better in many ways. The rim is untouched, keeping its 24.5mm wide with an angled brake track, thus allowing less tire squirm and better braking performance in any given condition. It's 30mm tall profile has been wind tunnel tested and proven to be around 42 second faster over a 40km distance.

The first change Zipp made to the 2012 101 aluminum clinchers is aesthetics. Due to a large request, they made the rims "Beyond Black" only now. This means Black hubs, Black spokes, and Black nipples. Decals are now in White to make sure everyone knows you're riding Zipp wheels.

Second change that was made is a change that Zipp did to the entire lineup of wheels using their high performing, ultra lightweight 88/188 hubs. These hubs already feature super smooth swiss steel bearings, and an oversized 17mm axle to provide the stiffness required these days by the pros. The rear hub is where the big difference comes in for 2012. The non-drive side bearing was moved outwards by another 7.5mm and canted the flange by 8 degrees. This allows for even more lateral rigidity and increasing overall stiffness and strength.

Weighing in at 1523 grams for the wheelset, this definitely gives any wheel out there a run for it's money. For more info or placing an order for these, contact us at or give us a call at 510-841-4748.

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