Monday, November 7, 2011

Campagnolo finally releasing news on their electronic shifting grouppo!

So after all the buzz, Campagnolo decided a while ago for the official press release on their EPS (Electrnic Power Shift) system to be today.

Of course those of you who are into the newest and greatest have heard about this already, and may have been given the impression that they are going to be available next month. After speaking with Campagnolo USA directly, we have found out that that is INCORRECT. They are going to have these units in for Distributors, 4 US Campagnolo Service Centers, and Press ONLY! Reason for this is that they want everyone selling these to have the proper knowledge and the correct information when installing, servicing, or even selling these beautiful Italian units. The EPS is scheduled for public availability Mid/Late Spring season if not Early Summer of 2012. However, pricing WILL be released for these soon, so pre-orders will be possible to ensure you get one of the first units that will land on US shores. Check out more pics of the final product below!

For more info on this beautiful EPS grouppo, keep checking back or email us so we can make sure we keep you posted on news as we receive word on these EPS units.

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